What’s up! Thank you everyone for all the support. Really excited for X Games Minneapolis this August 1st-4th. Competing in Step Up, Best Whip, and Quarter High Air. Also doing Nitro World Games August 17th in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Defending that number 1 and going for 50ft above coping) 👊🏼 AND X Games Norway 🇳🇴 August 31st (Best Whip and Quarter pipe) Real Moto went good and we turned in our project already. It’s airing on ESPN in September don’t miss it and don’t forget to VOTE for your boy! I went hard again this year for that and hoping the judges reward me well. I’ll see everyone in Minneapolis and can’t wait to SEND! I’m either winning quarter or going down trying. I want that gold back! Thanks everyone - Raha 7/16/2019