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World Record

What’s up ! Just getting back to the US from New Zealand and X Games Sydney, Australia. Coming off a win at Nitro World Games (and new world record) 🎉 STOKED. Also a 2nd in best whip at Monster Cup. Australia got rained out and we were unable to compete in Step Up or High Air Quarter Pipe, but me and Tyson got to film with Freestyle Kings, Jared McNiel and Bennet at an insane spot in Picton, Australia & all over New Zealand which made the trip bad ass anyways. We will have a new YouTube video of me and all the locals riding that should be insane. Other than that when I get home I’ll be working on new tricks, finishing a few new freeride jumps and filming those. Want to say thank you to my main sponsors for backing me up and making all these expensive trips possible and helping me pay all my bills and allowing me to compete against the worlds gnarliest riders!!! BRASS KNUCKLES, WEEDMAPS, SHIFT RACING, CHOMPS, and FLO MOTORSPORTS !!! Thanks so much! - Raha10/1/2018

Nov 01, 2018

New Projects

Hey everyone. Thanks for all the orders I've been swamped trying to get them all out myself. Running to the post office all the time it's been hectic sorry for any late orders or anything. I recently just switched to a new distributor so all the orders will show up fast and dialed in. I've been riding a lot and working on new projects/building jumps. Getting ready for Xgames in July and filming for Xgames Real Moto this year. Can't wait for my video part to drop. I know you guys are gunna dig this one! " - RAHA 4/19/2018

May 29, 2018

Feel Good

What's up, all is good over here feeling good riding a lot lately. Stoked on my new bike from Brass Knuckes OG and also working on some new Metal Mulisha video projects. We have a new one coming out soon for MM with me and Kohl going off at the compound. Also putting together a new BMX edit. Thanks everyone for the support 👊

May 09, 2018

Area 52

Back to riding again. Rode the MM compound a couple times to test my shoulder and then went up to Dana Creech's "Area 52" in Nor Cal before New Years. One of the best places ever to ride. Brought Kohl and Link up there with me and had a blast with those guys. There's a line with 10 jumps in a row and the last step up is 220 feet to the sweet spot. Looking to film some more stuff and have a new edit out soon. Maybe some flips on Ramps in the very near future. You can check out our trip to Danas on my YouTube. Thanks everyone for your support. FREERIDE OVER EVERYTHING.

May 09, 2018